Mission Statement

Kicks for Boobs' mission is to help save lives by increasing awareness through early detection and to give hope to uninsured and underinsured Breast Cancer patients through financial assistance.

Brandy Reed

I’m still in awe that I am considered a Breast Cancer Survivor, now Metastatic Breast Cancer Thriver at the age of 37. I was 30 years old and 4 months post-partum when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. While I have a family history of breast cancer, I do not carry the BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 gene mutation. My story is incredibly astonishing, like many others that have been diagnosed and over the last 6 years I have wondered, “Why me?”

My amazing support system, more specifically my husband, Jarron, has encouraged me to be a beacon of light and pillar of inspiration to anyone that has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Because of the endless support of our family and friends, I’ve been challenged to ask, “Why NOT me?”.  Despite the anxiety, insomnia, worry and tears over my health, I was inspired to create a nonprofit providing resources to uninsured and underinsured breast cancer patients. Jarron’s passion for designer sneakers and my journey through survivorship coupled with our love to host inspired the inception of the Sneaker Ball hosted by Kicks for Boobs.

Over the next 3 years, I hope to create several events under Kicks for Boobs that will reach all walks of life and donate $20,000 to breast cancer patients within the Kansas City metropolitan. We envision Kicks for Boobs being a reputable and well-known nonprofit known for partying with a purpose while raising funds for a higher cause.

Jarron Reed

I’ve always had a love for sneakers and fashion. After having conversations about a Sneaker Ball, it finally hit me. I wanted to bring something new and bigger to Kansas City – an upscale ball with a twist! It could be a Ball with a purpose.  With my wife, Brandy, being a Breast Cancer Survivor, I wanted to honor her in a special way. Through our nonprofit, we will be able to help so many other Breast Cancer Survivors within the Kansas City metro. Kicks for Boobs will be the start of a great cause touching hundreds of people for years to come.